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Oliver Winchester
November 30, 1810 - December 11, 1880
Evergreen Cemetery - New Haven, CT


Oliver Winchester was an American businessman, owner of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company and manufacturer of the Winchester Rifle.



This site is located on "Grove Path" at location F.  The "F" Marker is clearly visible at the corner of the monument.



Factoid:  Due to his son's death the March after his own, Oliver's daughter-in-law Sarah ended up inheriting almost 50% of the Winchester Company - $20+ million.  However, she believed her family was cursed by the spirits of all those killed by Winchester guns.  She was told by a psychic that the only way to lift the curse was to travel west and build a house to appease the spirits.  She was also told that as long as the house was under construction, she would not die.  The result was the Winchester Mystery House in what is now San Jose, CA.  Work on the house continued 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for 38 years, until Sarah's death in 1922.


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