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Eli Whitney
December 8, 1765 - January 8, 1825
Grove Street Cemetery - New Haven, CT


Eli Whitney was an American inventor, credited with the invention of the Cotton Gin - a device used to easily remove seeds from cotton, which otherwise was a very labour-intensive task.  He also revolutionized the ideas of mass-production and interchangeable parts, producing rifles.


"In the social relations of life a model of excellence.
While private affection weeps at his tomb
his country honors his memory."


Eli Whitney's monument is near Noah Webster's on Cedar Avenue within the cemetery (note the wrought-iron fencing), and Charles Goodyear is not to be forgotten either.


Factoid: It is thought by some that Whitney did not infact invent the cotton gin but that it was created by Catherine Littlefield Greene, a colleague of Whitney's.


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