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Noah Webster
October 16, 1758 – May 28, 1843
Grove Street Cemetery - New Haven, CT


Noah Webster was a writer, editor and spelling reformer.  He started New York's first daily newspaper American Minerva, but is most well-known for writing An American Dictionary of the English Language which took him 27 years to complete.  The volume contained 70,000 words, more of which were Biblical definitions than any reference book before it, as Webster considered education of any kind "useless without the bible".



His monument is within sight of Eli Whitney's and is quite tall and easily found.  Don't miss Charles Goodyear who's also in this cemetery.


Factoid:  Noah Webster is responsible for the de-Anglicanization of American spelling, removing "u" from words like "armour" and "labour", and transposing the "e" and "r" in words like "theatre".

I guess he just had no sense of humour ... though we were honoured to have visited his grave ...


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