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Andy Warhol
August 6, 1928 - February 22, 1987
St. John the Baptist Byzantine Catholic Cemetery - Bethel Park, PA

Andy Warhol
August 6, 1928
February 22, 1987

Andy Warhol is regarded as one of the most influential artists of the 20th century, spear-heading the Pop-Art movement of the 60s and early 70s.  He is most well-known for his work involving popular American consumer icons (Campbell's Soup, Coca Cola, etc.) as well as his famous album art for both The Velvet Underground and The Rolling Stones.  In addition to the art scene, he was also active in the NY club and film scenes for many years.

St. John's is a very interesting cemetery located on a large hill.  Follow the small road and you can't miss Andy's stone up on the right.

It is not uncommon for people to leave offerings and items for Andy at his gravesite.  When we arrived, we were confronted with a blonde wig, untold numbers of Campbell's and Coke cans, notes, flags, statues, coins, rocks and a basket of candy.

Half-eaten can of soup left behind with spoon still inside.

Andy is buried in front of his parents, Andrew and Julia Warhola.



Factoid:  Andy's mother Julia often did handwritten text on his early works.



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