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Charles Stratton
January 4, 1838 - July 15, 1883
Mountain Grove Cemetery - Bridgeport, CT


Charles Sherwood Stratton is better known to history as General Tom Thumb, one of P.T. Barnum's many successful attractions.  At the age of 4, he was found by Barnum who not only hired him to perform but paid him handsomely and became his mentor and friend.



His claim to fame was his very diminuative stature - at full maturity, Charles stood a mere 33 inches tall!  It is said that the statue of him atop his monument is life-size.



Charles' monument is large and not very far from P.T. Barnum's, also in Mountain Grove.  It is in section #8 of the cemetery.

Plaque at base of monument:

"This monument is a memorial to
Charles S. Stratton, a native of Bridgeport,
who gained worldwide fame as Tom Thumb in
the exhibitions of P.T. Barnum. The lifesize
statue was erected before Tom Thumb's death
on July 15, 1883. In 1959 vandals smashed
the statue. It was restored by The Barnum
Festival Society and Mountain Grove
Cemetery Association with funds raised
by public subscription.
Nov. 19, 1961"


Factoid:  Charles and wife Lavinia were invited to attend a White House reception in their honor by president Abraham Lincoln while on their honeymoon.


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