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Nancy Spungen
February 27, 1958 - October 12, 1978
King David Cemetery - Bensalem, PA

Your odyssey is over - sleep in peace
Nancy Laura Spungen
(Chaya Lea daughter of Ephraim Aharon)
Feb. 27, 1958 - Oct. 12, 1978

Nancy Spungen was the girlfriend of famed Sex Pistols bassist Sid Vicious for nearly 2 years.  She was made infamous by her violent and mysterious death in 1978.  The exact events are unknown, but Sid was arrested for her murder; he overdosed on heroin before he could be proven innocent or guilty in court.

This grave was almost as impossible to find as Kerouac and Benet!  We had only a photo of her flat stone, and a large cemetery to cover.  It took us about 45 minutes of footwork to find her after a few close-calls (other Spungen graves both nearby and not-so-nearby) led us astray.

But we did it!

Her grave is located in section BB, which is directly up the path from the main gate and to the right, just passed the end of the grassy median.



Factoid:  After the death of Sid Vicious, his mother requested that he be buried next to Nancy but her family refused.  It is rumoured that Sid's mother scattered his cremated remains over Nancy's grave despite her family's wishes.



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