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Fred Rogers
March 20, 1928 - February 27, 2003
Unity Cemetery - Latrobe, PA

Fred McFeely Rogers
March 20, 1928
February 27, 2003

Anyone alive in the 80s knows who Mr. Rogers was.  Minister, songwriter, teacher, preacher, friend and neighbor to millions of children, he created and starred in Mister Rogers' Neighborhood - a children's show with the distinction of being the longest running show on PBS (in production from 1968-2001 and still on the air).

Mr. Rogers is interred in a private family mausoleum.  He is buried on the left at the bottom - if you peek just inside the door you can see him clearly.

The name Given is at the top of the mausoleum, which mean that if we hadn't had help, we never would have found it!  If you're not lucky enough to get the great help we did, you can find this mausoleum up the brick path at the corners of Sections C, B and P.

We weren't at all surprised to find a few offerings at the mausoleum door for this man who touched so many children's lives.  The most moving was this small truck left behind:

One can only imagine who left this token for him.

We have no problems admitting to being more than a bit choked up at this gravesite.  I also have no trouble admitting to being choked up again just writing this.  I think Mr. Rogers has been the first person we've ever trekked to have such a big, direct, overwhelming influence in our lives.  A few come close.

Detail of beautiful stained glass window at the back of the mausoleum.



Factoid:  Mr. Rogers was an advocate of the VCR during a time when other television personalities were very much against its possible copyright infringement issues.



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