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Paul Revere
January 1, 1735(?) – May 10, 1818
Old Granary Burying Ground - Boston, MA


Paul Revere was a silversmith by trade, but also a patriot and soldier of the American Revolution.  He became most well known for his "Midnight Ride" in which he and 2 other riders alerted militias at Lexington and Concord of approaching British troops.  While this ride was not considered particularly noteworthy during his lifetime, it was immortalized by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his poem Paul Revere's Ride.



There is some confusion as to the actual date of Revere's birth.  At that time, official birth records were not kept.  However, baptismal records indicate that he was baptised on January 2, 1735.  Therefore, he was born sometime before that, probably in December of 1734.  It has been assumed for historical sake that he was baptized the day after his birth.  However, his monument says January 1734.  Go figure!


Plaque on cemetery gate.


Don't miss John Hancock and Samuel Adams, both also in this cemetery!  In addition,

Both Crispus Attucks and Elizabeth "Mother Goose" Foster are also buried here.  If you're in Boston - DON'T MISS THEM LIKE WE DID!  They're actually interesting and we're sorry we missed them!


Factoid:  The company Revere founded in 1801 is still in business today - Revere Copper Products, Inc.


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