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Edgar Allan Poe
January 19, 1809 – October 7, 1849
Westminster Hall - Baltimore, MD


Edgar Allan Poe is considered by many to be the father of the detective story, but is best known for his macabre tales which dwell on the darkness of the human heart.  During his limetime he was an unsuccessful member of the military, an editor, an alcoholic, a critic, and a husband.

Edgar was originally buried at the back of the cemetery in the Poe family plot with no headstone.  This was changed, however, in 1875 when a "Pennies for Poe" drive was started by Baltimore school children to raise funds for a marker more befitting such an important person.  They purchased the large stone shown above and his remains were moved to the front corner of the cemetery, as were those of his wife Virginia and his mother-in-law/aunt Maria.



It is of interest to note that the new larger marker the children paid for incorrectly shows Poe's birthday as January 20th, when it is infact January 19th.

A smaller stone was raised in the Poe family plot to mark his original burial site and to commemorate the occasion.





Edgar's current resting place beneath the larger marker is located in the front corner of the cemetery just next to the front gate - it's hard to miss.  The stone marking the original burial site is behind the church - just follow the path back through the cemetery.  The Poe family plot will be back there on your left, and you can't miss the distinctive Raven stone.


Factoid:   The cause of Poe's death is still unknown.  The current theory is that it may have been Rabies.


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