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Jose and Kitty Menendez
? 1944 - September 20, 1989
October 14, 1941 - September 20, 1989

Princeton Cemetery - Princeton, NJ


Jose and Mary "Kitty" Menendez are now infamous for being killed by their children, Lyle and Erik Menendez in Beverly Hills many years ago.  Their murder trial was one of the first heavily covered by mass media, as well as one of the first to use an "abuse" defense.

Having lived in the area before heading out west, the couple was returned to Princeton for burial.

Princeton Cemetery provides maps to its visitors which clearly mark all notable graves within its walls.  However, this grave is not listed among them.  The Menendez's are located in the extreme back left corner of the cemetery.  You might miss them at first but they're back there!


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Factoid: The Menendez brothers originally claimed that their parent's murder was a mob hit.



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