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John Hancock
January 12, 1737 – October 8, 1793
Old Granary Burying Ground - Boston, MA


John Hancock was an important figure in early American history, being both a president of the Continental Congress and governor of Massachussetts.


His stone is ridiculously easy to spot - it is very tall and near the left side.  Just follow the tour-groups that frequent this cemetery.



And don't miss Paul Revere and Samuel Adams, both also in this cemetery!  In addition,

Both Crispus Attucks and Elizabeth "Mother Goose" Foster are also buried here.  If you're in Boston - DON'T MISS THEM LIKE WE DID!  They're actually interesting and we're sorry we missed them!


Factoid: The term "John Hancock" has come to mean signature because of the fact that Mr. Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence much larger (and with seemingly more brashness) than the other signers.  Most believe this was so King George III could easily read it.  This has been over-emphasized over the years, with help from the fact that the other signers wrote smaller than he (perhaps out of respect to the fact that Mr. Hancock had actually compiled and recopied the final document).  In reality, this was the manner in which Mr. Hancock always signed his name.


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