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Benny Goodman
May 30, 1909 – June 13, 1986
Long Ridge Union Cemetery - Stamford, CT


Benjamin Goodman was a Jazz musician and very important name in music during the Swing Era.  His popular big band sound was a hit in the '30s and he was nearly unrivaled in his Jazz clarinet playing.


Mr. Goodman's marker is flush with the ground and at the back of the cemetery, near the center of the rock wall near other Goodmans.  His stone appeared to have not been very well taken care of when we arrived; covered in grass clippings, moss dirt and twigs.  Keep your eyes open.


Don't miss Gilda Radner, also buried in this cemetery.


Factoid:   Benny Goodman is responsible for helping to racially integrate popular music well before it was considered appropriate to do so.  He toured with African-American musicians at a time when to do so in the southern states would have meant arrest!


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