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Victor Borge
January 3, 1909 - December 23, 2000
Putnam Cemetery - Greenwich, CT

 "Laughter is the shortest distance between two people."
- Victor Borge



Victor Borge's gift for humor and his talented piano playing made him a favourite star of radio, stage, screen and television, beginning in the 1940s and not stopping until his death in 2000.



His beautiful marker can be found approximately 50 yards up the path from the cemetery's office, down a tiny hill about 3 plots deep on the right.  It is surrounded by a low, well-kempt hedge-wall.



The bronze statue atop the stone of the marker depicts a mermaid and seems to be a copy of the Little Mermaid statue that sits in Copenhagen Harbour.   Mr. Borge was originally from Denmark, which may explain this.



She is unique in that she has fins at the end of each leg instead of the traditional single large fin.


Factoid:  Victor Borge's real name was Børge Rosenbaum.


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