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Stephen Vincent Benét
July 22, 1896 - March 13, 1943
Evergreen (Stonington) Cemetery - Stonington, CT


Stephen Vincent Benét was an author and multiple Pulitzer Prize winner.  His most notable works include John Brown's Body, The Devil and Daniel Webster and Western Star.



This grave was particularly difficult for us to find.  We had a bad picture of the stone, but we had arrived after the cemetery office had closed, so we were basically on our own.

Made obvious by our pictures, we did eventually find his grave, but not until it was very nearly dark.  His stone was obscured by two large-leaved bushes on either side.

Mr. Benét can be found by travelling up the main path and turning right at the 7th path that would accomidate a car (there are other smaller footpaths - do not try to drive down these!).  An easy landmark is the Erskine M. Phelps mausoleum - that's where you make the right.  Just keep a very close eye out for the two bushes and the shape of the stone.


Factoid:  Stephen Vincent Benét won a Pulitzer Prize after his death for Western Star.




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