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Phineas Taylor Barnum
July 5, 1810 - April 7, 1891
Mountain Grove Cemetery - Bridgeport, CT


P.T. Barnum is most well known for the founding of Barnum and Bailey Circus (later to be purchased by Ringling Brothers Circus), but he began his showman career simply touring the country with hoaxes for the amusement of the masses.  This evolved into Barnum's American Museum.



Some of his attractions and exhibits included The Fiji Mermaid, General Tom Thumb, The Cardiff Giant, Joice Heth ("160 year old nurse of George Washington"), and The Egress.



The Barnum Plot is easy to spot.  It is one of the largest monuments in the cemetery and not very far from Charles Stratton.


Factoid:   P.T. Barnum did not infact coin the phrase "There's a sucker born every minute".  It was actually coined by someone refering to the people paying to see his hoax attractions.


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