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Samuel Adams
September 27, 1722 - October 2, 1803
Old Granary Burying Ground - Boston, MA


Samuel Adams was one of early America's historical figures - signer of the Declaration of Independence, governor of Massachusetts and general important guy.

Though his stone shows wear, it is minimal considering the number of people who visit this site on a daily basis.



It is easy enough to find this grave - just follow the tour groups!


Don't miss Paul Revere and John Hancock, buried here as well. Also,

Both Crispus Attucks and Elizabeth "Mother Goose" Foster are also buried here.  If you're in Boston - DON'T MISS THEM LIKE WE DID!  They're actually interesting and we're sorry we missed them!



Factoid: The Adam's Family did own a brewery in Boston that failed in 1764.  However, Samuel Adams Beer has nothing to do with it.



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