August 17, 2006: NJ Trek ?!

Well, we're going to try for another Birthday Trek this year. Last year's was a wash-out, but hopefully this year we can pull it off because we're planning small.

We've already headed out to Sea Girt 3 times for Uncle Bobby, so this time we're setting our sites just a bit higher: our list includes Dudley Moore, Joey Ramone and Thomas Edison, to name a few!

Hopefully it pans out this time!


April 26, 2006: Roadburn Trek

We're back from Holland and we had a great time! The 11th Roadburn Festival was great, and the extra time we spent in Amsterdam was well worth it!  The beer, the canals, the bicycles ... and of course, Rembrandt. We checked out the museums housing his work, and then headed over to his grave, which was amazing.

We weren't able to get to The Hague for Jan Vermeer and Christaan Huygens, unfortunately - but we had an awesome time nevertheless!


September, 2005: The Untrek

Well, we had big plans for a PA trek, but they fell flat. Sucks to be poor and lame.



March 29, 2005: Happy Trees

Sad stuff took us down to Florida this month, but of course we turned that around and made it into a dead-trek, as is our way.

Bob Ross -former television artist and all-around cool dead guy - was less than an hour from where we were staying, so (with help from our personal chauffeur, pictured at right) , we hopped in a convertible no less and headed out.

It was a good laid-back mini-trek, and hopefully the next time we're in FL we can get out to visit what's left of Lynyrd Skynyrd!

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