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Westminster Burial Ground
519 W. Fayette Street, Baltimore MD 21201
Phone: (410) 706-2072
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I've been lucky enough to visit Westminster on 3 occassions, and we've dead-trekked there once.

The graves themselves are relatively old and interesting, though there are no monuments or statuary to really speak of.  The grounds are really the interesting thing here, in that the church and hall were built on top of the existing cemetery.  Yes, on top of.  This led to catacombs under the building, odd crawl-spaces beneath overhangs of construction, and nooks and crannies beside buildings to hide yourself in.

Be careful when visiting this cemetery.  On my first trip here in 2000, we stayed and even picnicked here for hours during a wedding reception with no consequences (until we crashed the party, anyway). However, when we returned in October of 2001, we were there less than 15 minutes before being asked to leave for no reason.  If you're visiting on a weekend, call ahead of time to make sure you won't become a "security risk" to someone's wedding.


Who we visited here:

Edgar Allan Poe
Virginia Clemm Poe




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