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Swan Point Cemetery
585 Blackstone Boulevard, Providence RI 02906
Phone: (401) 272-1314
Fax: (401) 292-3570

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Office Hours: ?
Gates Open: 8AM - 5PM in Fall/Winter
8AM - 7PM in Spring/Summer



Swan Point is certainly one of the most well-kept and affluent cemeteries we've visited to date.  Upon our arrival, we inquired into the location of the graves we sought and were directed not to an office but to a computerized kiosk.  It was a speaking, searchable, printable directory of all the plots within the cemetery.

This affluence and convenience came at a price, though, as we were told numerous times by the patrolling security staff that photography was not allowed.  We found it particularly odd that we were singled out and told this, because not only do there policy guidelines not mention it, but we saw other people freely taking pictures.

If it hadn't been for that, Swan Point would certainly have rated higher on our scale.  It was beautiful, full of flowering trees and bushes, winding roads and some very lovely monuments.


Who we visited here:

H.P. Lovecraft
Sullivan and Sarah Ballou

Ambrose Burnsides is also buried here.  You shouldn't miss him like we did.



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