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Basillica of St. Paul Outside the Walls
186 Via Ostiense, Rome, Italy
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Hours: Basilica - daily 7am-6:30pm;
Cloisters - daily 9am-1pm and 3-6pm
Cost: Free


St. Paul's is one of the 5 major basilica's of ancient Rome and was built during the reign of Constantine I.



 It is vast and very beautiful, albeit a bit over-the-top with all of its gold and marble.



The basilica is easy to find as a Metro stop is named for it.  Once you arrive, the staff is helpful though I imagine a bit overwhelmed by the huge number of tourists they receive each day!

Keep in mind that this burial site is still a working place of worship.  Be respectful!  No shorts or sleeveless shirts.


Who we visited here:
Paul the Apostle


Factoid: In 1823, a fire almost totally destroyed the basilica.  Leaders from many countries all over the world contributed materials to its reconstruction.


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