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The Pantheon
Piazza della Rotonda - Rome, Italy
Phone: 06-6830-0230
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Hours: until roughly dusk

The Pantheon is one of the most well-preserved ancient edifices in the world.  Originally built as a temple to the 7 major Roman gods, it was turned into a Catholic church in the 7th century and is still used as such today.

The architecture of the building is so divine, Michaelangelo claimed it was built by angels and not by man.  It is exactly as tall as it is wide and round.  A single hole in the ceiling - The Oculus - lets in light and occasionally rain which runs off and escapes down cleverly designed drains in the floors.


We arrived literally seconds before closing time and were rushed out by staffers after snapping off only 6 pictures - only 2 of which were even slightly usable! We wish we could have spent more time inside but, as usual, things worked out perfectly as we moved on to our next stop.

This is an active place of worship, so be discreet and well-behaved!

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Prepare yourselves for the most hideous picture ever taken ...

"Thou hast ravished my heart"

There's a McDonald's directly across from the Pantheon!

*pukes on self*

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