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Mausoleum of the Augustus
Piazza Augusto Imperatore, Rome, Italy
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Hours: Monday - Saturday 9 - 6PM
Cost: 2.58 Euro

Unfortunately, in 410 during the sacking of Rome by Alaric and his Visigoths, the urns within the mausoleum and all the ashes therein were stolen.  It is presumed that the ashes were scattered and the urns taken and melted down for their gold.

 I can't give this place too many tombstones because we arrived well after closing time.  This mausoleum turned museum becomes a hangout near dark for the city kids who - when we arrived - were comfortable on the front steps, smoking marijuana.  We though aloud that it would be just the sort of place we'd play D&D at if we lived in Rome.

The mausoleum is easy to get to from Termini Station: take the Metro Line A to Spagna station.

Really important Romans who were at one time interred here:

Augustus Caesar


Factoid: In its life, this edifice has been a mausoleum, a castle, a house and an arena where bullfights and concerts were held.


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