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Granary Burying Ground
Tremont Street , Boston MA
Boston Nat'l Historic Park Phone: (617) 242-5642
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Gates Open: Dawn to Dusk

Despite the fact that it is very old and houses a few of this nation's early important people, the Old Granary Burying Ground was probably one of the least interesting cemeteries we have ever visited.



Aside from its age (it was founded in 1660) and the general historical importance I've mentioned - it was not terribly interesting.  Plus, there were children EVERYWHERE, being led on historic tours by people in faux period clothing who knew less about their topics than we did!

Also, parking on Tremont Street is next to impossible, especially if you're there in the morning or early afternoon.




Who we visited here:
Samuel Adams
John Hancock
Paul Revere


Robert Paine (a less well-known signer of the Declaration of Independence), as well as Benjamin Franklin's parents are also here, but they were quite frankly a bit boring to us so we didn't bother visiting them!  However:

Both Crispus Attucks and Elizabeth "Mother Goose" Foster are also buried here.  If you're in Boston - DON'T MISS THEM LIKE WE DID!  They're actually interesting and we're sorry we missed them!


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