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Stonington (Evergreen) Cemetery
345 North Main Street, Stonington (New London) CT 06378
(860) 535-1706
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Firstly, we really enjoyed the ambience of this cemetery.  It is quite old, a bit overgrown, and basically in the middle of the woods.  When we arrived at dusk, we felt as though we were stepping into an old horror movie, or into the pages of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

There were very few if any large monuments or statues that were remarkable - a few mausoleums here and there, nothing serious.  Unfortunately, we arrived very late in the day and did not have the chance to explore as well as we would have liked.

I cannot stress the cool ambience of this cemetery enough.  It may not actually be all that ancient in the grand scheme of things, but it just felt old and interesting. It also holds more than a few Civil War graves.



It should be noted that there is no consensus on the actual name of this cemetery!  I have seen it referred to as Evergreen, Stonington, Old Stonington, Evergreen (Stonington) and Stonington (Evergreen).  I think perhaps that a newer cemetery was built very near to an older one, hence the name weirdness.


Who we visited here:
Stephen Vincent Benét




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