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Edson Cemetery
1375 Gorham Street, Lowell MA 01852
(978) 970-3233
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Edson Cemetery was rather ho-hum as far as cemeteries go, hence our low rating.  No statuary of note, no rolling green hills or anything too interesting.  While not being "dirty", the cemetery's upkeep was not the best when we visited - during our stay, we spent more time brushing caked-on dirt, leaves and old grass clippings off of stones and plaques then we did hunting the dead.


Edson is located on a somewhat busy street in a not-so-great looking part of a dreary little town.  some of the interments are a bit older, but unfortunately, I doubt there is anything of average interest here aside from Jack Kerouac's grave - but that shouldn't keep you from visiting.  Kerouac is certainly worth the trek.


Who we visited here:
Jack Kerouac




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