November 1, 2009

So, I have failed to update this website in over 2 years.  I have not given up or abandoned this place, nor have we stopped Trekking.  Life gets in the way of visiting the Dead sometimes, it is true, but we have not stopped. I have just been overworked in my "real life" to the point of not having quite enough energy to update as often as I would like.

Let me explain ... no, there is no time: let me sum-up: In the last 2 years, we have been to Arlington National Cemetery, London's Westminster Abbey, done a fabulously nerdy NY/PA Trek, and a mini-trek to Philly.  We have been on television and have been published TWICE! A big deal if you ask me.  All to be updated very soon.  I HAVE been working diligently, but want to assure that everything is done before beginning the upload process.  So have no fear!  All will be up SOON.


September 13, 2007: Shartle?!

Just got back from a 2 day PA trek of awesomeness!  Nancy Spungen, Jayne Mansfield, Andy Warhol and Fred Rogers were honoured, as well as the Flight 93 Memorial outside of Shanksville.  The Flight 93 experience prompted us to add a new section to the site for memorials we've visited - something we haven't paid much mind to before, but should.

In addition, the beauty of Google Maps has been made apparent to us, so in honour of such I've reworked the Region index and it is AMAZING!!


August 10, 2007: September

It would seem as though September may be a month of trekking for us if all goes according to plans.  The weekend of the 8th will see us going somewhere in the mid northeast (PA, maybe OH) and on the 21st we will be down in VA at Arlington - on a sad task, but we're going to try to make the best out of it nevertheless.

In other news, all of the Roman Trek updates are written and links are functional! We're going to go back over things and flesh them out a bit more, but there's stuff on pages now!  Go read it!


June 13, 2007: Sacking of Rome

Well, we're back from our Roman Trek and it was stunning!

With our only disappointment being that we were unable to see Shelley and Keats (their cemetery was closed all week due to a fallen tree), we had a fantastic time seeing things that normal people only ever read about in books.

Check out our Roman Trek Diary, or just peruse our database for new entries: Julius Caesar and 14 Roman emperors, the Renaissance painter Raphael, Pope John Paul II, and 2 apostles - Saints Peter and Paul.


May 1, 2007: Roman Holiday

This year's big international adventure is taking us to Rome.  We have a week to cram in as many dead people as we can including Raphael, Julius and Augustus Caesar and a plethora of popes and saints.

Oh, and did I mention Shelly and Keats?

Shelly and Keats!


I'm super stoked!


September 8, 2006: Cheesecake Trek

Had a blast today, despite the cheesecake and the crankiness.  Saw Grover Cleveland, Aaron Burr, George Gallup, Canvass White, and Jose & Kitty Menendez (pictured right).

We had a bit of trouble finding Dudley Moore and we never quite made it to Joey Ramone or Thomas Edison.  But we will.




August 20, 2006: 3rd New Design

Here's the spiffy new site design!  This makes 3 versions in 2 years.  And still not done!

The Region Index still doesn't work ... and there's nothing in the Cemetery Info, Trek Info, the Primer hasn't been written yet, the Merch isn't merch-ly, and the About Us page just has a picture that makes me look like Morticia Addams ... but the design looks WAY better, no?

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